カフエ マメヒコの考えかた

「カフエ マメヒコ」は、日本古来のお豆と美味しい珈琲を楽しめるカフエとして2005年にできました。賑やかな渋谷と三軒茶屋の街のなかでひっそりとたたずむマメヒコは、みんなにとって大切な場所でありたい、ぼんやりとそう思って始めました。気が立っているとき、マメヒコで一杯の珈琲を飲めば、もやもや気持ちがすっと収まるとか、さぁやろう、と前向きになるとか。そのために「マメヒコ」は、いつも本物の素材を使うこと、そしてなにより変化し続けることを大事に思っています。

Mame-Hico’s way

Cafe Mame-Hico has founded in 2005 as a cafe where you can enjoy Japanese traditional beans and tasty coffee. In starting Cafe Mame-Hico, standing quietly in busy Shibuya and Sangenjaya, we hoped vaguely it would become a special place for everyone. You could calm down or you could become positive to start something with a cup of coffee at Mame-Hico, even when you are irritated. To be such a place, it is important to use authentic ingredients and to keep changing more than anything, we believe.



Mame-Hico is “space”

One of the most important elements of cafe is it’s interior. We look for furniture best suited to our world view and sometimes even design our original furniture. The main furniture such as tables is order-made to suit each cafe perfectly, using solid hardwoods. The design is our original and craftspersons made them carefully. Cutlery and dishes are touched by hands and lips and we chose the best fit from all over the world. We care in every detail of Cafe Mame-Hico. From foodstuffs, space, music, and above all, customer service. Mame-Hico prepares to create a comfortable space. And we keep on making good changes everyday. The most important thing to keep being Mame-Hico is keeping changing, we think.